I didn't think about you when I woke up this morning. I didn't think about you when I laid in bed. I didn't think about you when I washed my face. I didn't think about you at all as I ate breakfast, stared out the window, saw the sunshine, talked on the phone, saw a commercial about white chocolate that you like covering your peanuts, walked by our rose bush, drove to a family members house, and saw glitter on their kitchen counter that didn't remind me of your eyes. Nor did I think about you as I ate dinner, or when I put my hand on my head and felt my hair. I didn't think about you when I saw some flowers on the table, or even when I drove back home and passed the rode that we shared a kiss on. You never crossed my mind when I passed the road to your old house, or when I opened my door and I saw a spot that we held each other and softly kissed, or when I sat in the dark and stared into the night sky and wondered which one was yours. But then again, if anything I just said up to this point were true, then I would not deserve you. I only think about you when I breathe. I love you CS, and that is the honest truth. You make up my entire day, and they are always good days. You are always intoxicating.
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