Do you ever wonder why I stare at you when our eyes meet, or why I stop to take the intoxicating fragrance of your body in when I get close, or when I'm right next to you, with you in my arms, why I start to smile? These are things that happen every single time I see you. These things all happen involuntarily because my body, soul, and mind know that the woman I'm staring at and close to is the woman that I long for and that she's the one my heart pleads to love. I love you CS, my love story. You looked absolutely beautiful in that dress, but I must tell you, it's not the dress that makes you beautiful my love, its you that makes the dress beautiful around you. You amaze me with every breath, with every glimmer of your eyes, with every smile, and with every brush of your hand. You amaze me at how perfect you are, how you love so easily and so deeply, and with one single touch or look, can leave me questioning everything I know about love. I can't say it enough, I love you CS. You are always intoxicating. You are always my passion and always, my love story.
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