You're like the first rays of sunlight coming over the mountains, so beautiful that you can't turn away. My eyes ache to see you, my arms ache to hold you, my lips ache to kiss you, my nose aches to smell you, my tongue aches to taste you, and my body aches to have you. As I turn to walk away from you, every time, I go through a whirlwind of emotions. Panic, that I may not see you again; bliss, that I just got to spend time with my love; heartbreak, that I am having to walk away from you at all; love beyond measure, that I was lucky enough to feel your love for me. There is truly no measure of my love for you, there are only words, and they do not know the height nor breadth of it, and therefore cannot begin to express its boundaries. You are the image of my every thought and you are the image of my every want. My passion paints a picture of you on my heart and my love paints a portrait of you on my tongue so that when I whisper, your name is what is spoken. I love you my darling. I love you, CS, for you are my intoxicating Angel.
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