Good morning beautiful. The dictionary defines the word “perfect” as, “being entirely without fault or defect”. We know that each of us, by that term, according to the world, are imperfect. But being perfect is an idea, a standard in which we compare. I say, you my love, are perfect. You may have something that the world would look at and argue with me about and try to convince me that your not perfect, but the world would lose, because you are perfect to me and for me in every way. I see you without fault or defect. You are my perfect love. My world is perfect when your in it. My happiness is perfect when your in my life. I may be an imperfect soul, but you are my perfect angel. I know that the closest I will ever come to perfection, is when I hold you in my arms. You must always know that you are absolutely perfect to me. I will always try to love you perfectly. There is a quote that says, “Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect.” Live in the moment with me my love. You are my intoxicating lover and always my perfection. I love you CS.
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