My incredibly beautiful lover. We both know that life leads us in the direction that it chooses and we know that those paths that we take are all too often not what we have asked for or what we really wished they would be. You make the choice every day to keep things in your life and to be completely honest, I really don't understand why, but it's not my place to question. The only thing that I know is what I can see and feel and what I believe in. I know that I deeply love you and I know that I am completely in love with all of you. Being this way prevents me from even remotely needing or wanting anything else. I also know that I came in on the back side of time and that you have things in your life that are there. You choose to keep things close even though you say you are where you are with me and you say that when you are ready, that you will stop everything. I'm not going to pretend to understand why, so I won't ask you either because I know for you to try to really explain to me truthfully, it would your heart. You see darling, I consider myself lucky, lucky to have what I have with you. To love you like I do, means I can never ask you to be something your not because your perfect to me. To love you like I do also means never to ask you to change anything that makes you happy, even if it causes my heart pain, because I love you that much. You will always be intoxicating. I love you CS.
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