My love has a name, it's one that I speak of in my dreams and one that I whisper in my wake. It's a name that brings a smile to my heart and laughter to my soul. Her name ignites a passion in me that makes me yearn to embrace her. Others may share her name, but since the beginning of time, that name was meant only for her beautiful being. When the rain comes, her name can bring the sun, when the cold wind blows, her name can warm my body from within. It's a name I will embrace as the woman that lives in my thoughts, and she is the one that inspires each of my letters. She inspires every bit of love that comes from each beat of my heart. She is my love story and I only hope that one day, she will be able to feel the depth of my love for her. I would drop to my knees and profess my love for her in the midst of a million people, just so I could let them know that someone like her truly exists. She is my love story, she is my happiness. I love you CS. You are always, intoxicating.
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