Good morning my love, my smile, my passion. I tell you that your beautiful as often as I can, but I want you to know that when I say beautiful, I don't just mean physically attractive, which you most definitely are, but I mean that you are beautiful inside and out. You are such a good person, warm and caring, gentle and passionate. For most of us, we can say that this world wouldn't miss us if we were gone. There are thousands of each of us and each contribute what we do, but in the overall picture, we don't bring anything unique. Not you, this world would lose a vital piece of itself without you. You bring to life so much love, so much compassion, and so much beauty. You have a soft heart and that is something that is hard to find. Your heart has taught me how to love you and how to love deeply. Your smile has taught me how to get lost in your happiness. Your touch has taught me how to become more sensual and intimate. Your eyes my love, have taken me through time and space, they have stopped my breathing, and your love has destroyed every piece of me and rebuilt my very being from the ground up, your love has shown me that as long as I have you, I have all that I need in the universe. I love you deeply and completely, I love you like no other. You are intoxicating and you are my perfect love story CS.
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