Good morning beautiful. Do you miss talking to me as much as I miss talking to you when I don't hear from you? Do you miss kissing my lips as much as I miss kissing your succulent lips when I can't taste them? Do you miss my arms around you as much as I miss feeling you in my arms when I open my eyes and your not there? Does your flower miss my tongue as much as my tongue misses your flower every single second of every single day? I miss you, but only when I breathe and only when my heart beats. I miss you, but only when the sun or moon shines their light. What else could I ever tell you to help you understand how often I think about you? What else do I need to say to help you comprehend how much I love you? I would have my own beating heart removed from my chest if it would ensure that the world would know another day with your beautiful self in it. I love you, plane and simple. I love you the way that love was meant to exist and the way that one was meant to love another, deeply and completely. I love you CS. You are intoxicating.
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