Hey hotness. How are you my love? I'm sitting here, writing you, and I have this big smile on my face. Yes, it's because of you. You are on my mind like always and I am daydreaming of holding you in my arms. Now, let's be completely honest, I'm smiling not only because you are in my arms, but also because we're naked and I'm laying beside you, making love to you. Now, since it's my daydream, you are enjoying it immensely ;-). I'm in a really good mood right now because, well, just because you love me and I'm in love with you. You are so beautiful, so very beautiful, I want to just eat you up……literally. I'm so ready to spend some quality time with you. I'm so ready to kiss you when you are in a completely relaxed mood. I'm so ready to immerse myself into you. Just promise me two things, one is that you will completely let go, and two is that our skin never moves apart at any time. I can't wait, I love you my intoxicating lover. CS, you are my love story.
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