You were beautiful tonight. I can't help but find a lot of us in everything that I see or watch. Anything that resembles a man that is so in love with a beautiful woman, or a forbidden love, or mostly a perfect love story, turns my thoughts to you. But none of them ever come close to the way in which my love exists so deeply for you. I stared a lot tonight, acting as if I were looking elsewhere, but always had my eyes on you. Do you blame me? You are intoxicating, my love. I love the glances, the winks, the glancing touches; They are all so……warm and full of unspoken passion and want, I can feel it all every time. Even though I joke around with you and give you a hard time in front of certain people, I do hope you know that the only thing coming from my being is love for you. Every time I see you, my arms instinctively try to raise up, wanting to come around your waist, around your arms, or mostly, around your beautiful face so that I can come close and touch my lips to yours. I Love You. I Love You. I Love You. I never get tired of telling you and I never will. In fact, with each time those words come out of my mouth or come across my thoughts, they make me smile and love you even more. Tell me something, did you love the last time we were together? What would you change? Help me be a better love for you. I love you my intoxicating Angel. I love you, my perfection.
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