Hey you, yes you, the one with those gorgeous eyes, those amazing lips, and the one with that scent that is pure heaven to my senses. You my darling, the beauty who's body moves as one with my own, the Angel that defines my very love. Are you smiling? Do you ever get that tear in your eye when you read about my love for you like you do when you look into my eyes and tell me how much you love me? No matter what you may worry about in your life, never, ever, worry about my love for you. Remember these words my love, “I love you enough”. Enough to endure anything for you. I didn't get to talk to you today on the phone, but I did talk to you all day, in whispers and thoughts. I told you that you were beautiful, I told you how perfect you looked, I told you that I missed you, and I whispered a million times, “I Love You”. I love kissing your lips so much, I wish I could spend hours and hours tasting them. We have such an amazingly passionate kiss, it's just perfect. I sit tonight, writing this, and I catch myself daydreaming about your lips and tongue dancing with mine and my tongue dancing on your body. You know, my tongue has its own unique dance that it loves to do for you, and it yearns to perform constantly. I have some interesting news my love, the trip to Florida for someone has been booked in August from the 24-28. I'll be all by my lonesome. I love you, my intoxicating lover. Please, always be mine.
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