You make me smile, my love. From my lips to my soul. You told me something today that made me fall in love with you all over again. You said, “Kiss me”, it was right before I got out and got in my truck. Two simple words, but it was the way you said it, there was this control behind it, this “matter of fact” tone that accompanied the words that told me that you meant it from the bottom of your heart. I'm pretty sure that time stops when we kiss, it has to because my reality disappears. My beautiful lover, you always take my breath away and I absolutely love you in my arms, I reach a state of euphoria when you touch me. My gorgeous beauty, when I tell you that I love you more, I don't mean more than you love me, I mean I love you more than anything that could ever hope to come between us. I love you more than any hard or troubling time. I literally mean, I Love You The Most. I am not perfect, but I love you perfectly. Why did you ask me if I asked you if I could touch you? I will always be your gentleman. One of the most perfect days in my life came when I heard you tell me that you loved me. You are, without any question, my love story, and I look forward to writing many chapters with you. I love you my darling, you are intoxicating.
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