I hope you had a good day today. You were on my mind all day, like you always are. You have been on my mind more than usual the last couple of days. I sent you a few texts to try to strike up a little conversation, but found the conversation a bit one sided lately. It's nothing, I know you're busy at work and seem to be tied up more lately, so I'll try to hold off and not bug ya too much and let you decide when you want to gimme a shout. I had a rough day, it was shot day and I melted. Hardest thing I've had to do, ever, was stand and listen to her cry. All seems to be good now, she's a champ. I miss you, especially when I breathe, but sometimes I miss you really bad and I don't really know what sets it off. When these times hit me, I just really need to hear you. I miss the soft voice, but to be completely honest, it's everything I miss, from your kiss to your taste to your smell to the way you feel in my arms. I hope your happy and smiling in your days. I'll talk to you when you want, smile.
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