I love you, you know that. I miss you all the time, you also know that. I am glad I got to see you yesterday, I just wish I could have talked to you more, but you're right, the less you talk to me the better other people will feel. I wasn't going to bother you today because you told me your plans. If you want to talk to me you can, but don't let that cause any problems. I hope you have a good day and smile a lot. You deserve to be happy, we all do. I took the day off today and I'm going to take my friend around sightseeing. There are a couple places I want to go and some things that I need to take care of, but should be a good day. I'm coming to terms with some things and will be handling them better, so smile, no more stupid comments from me lol. I want you to smile, be happy, and be you.
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