Have you ever felt a love that made you wish that the world was empty of everyone except you and the one that makes your heart beat erratically? I wake up to this every single day. Have you ever been physically close to the one you love and every time you get there, everything, literally everything, completely changes? For me, every time I am close to her, everything in my universe changes. My breath shortens, I get nervous, tunnel vision takes over and the only thing that comes into focus is her. I smell her hair and her skin all at once but separate. I not only hear, but also see her breathing. I can see her pupils dilate slightly, I can hear her tone of voice soften, and I can see her skin get goosebumps when I kiss it lightly. I can see her heart beat by her veins dancing and her chest rising and falling. Every thing in her vicinity is making sure that it takes a backseat to her presence. The light coming from the sun and stars seems to congregate towards her. I've said before that she is my center, like the universe needs its sun, I need her love. To every one of you that is looking for your center, the one your love revolves around, never settle, never seek less than you deserve, because I can tell you first hand that Angels walk among us, because I have found mine. I Love you dearly and deeply CS. You are intoxicatingly Beautiful.
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