I didn't realize when I was telling you about our connection, just how perfect it really is. Think about it, we never have to mentally prepare ourselves in the heat of the moment for the perfect position of our bodies, the perfect tilt of our heads, the perfect movement of our lips, or the perfect tempo of our kiss. Everything is in such perfect harmony. Our kiss is never too hard or too soft, too slow or too fast, our touch is never in the wrong place. From the time we look into each other's eyes, it's like every moment that follows is predestined, like the universe itself is stopping everything else around us just to make sure that our moment is played out. It seems as if my lips were meant to touch yours, my hands were meant to touch your body, and your breath was meant to fill my lungs. Your exhale is supposed to be my inhale, and mine, yours. The ecstasy that we build together is breathtaking. The reason behind it all is your intoxicating beauty. You are the infinite definition of my Love. You are my desire CS, and I am in love with you. I love you my Bella.
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