I Miss YOU. I miss talking to you, holding you….kissing you. I tried to talk to you yesterday, I know your busy, but something seemed different. I know I'm not wrong about it, but I'm not sure what “it” is yet. I'm not going to press you about it, whatever it is, but I have an idea. I hope you had a beautiful day yesterday, and I hope you have one today. You sounded so alive yesterday when I did get to talk to you, I'm glad something made you feel that way. You deserve to smile and feel good like that every day. I will always be here for you when you need me, and I will always hope that you find the happiness that you so deserve. You are a beautiful woman, beautiful on so many levels, and I miss you. You see, withdrawing has a way of taking its toll on things that it wasn't intended to, but it's a price I'll pay in order for you to wear a smile. My darling, my Love, I will wear the grimace of pain any day for you, if it means you can wear the smile of happiness and love. I give you my love completely, it's yours. I love you.
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